About Us

Paul Novacek Paul Novacek, Co-founder & Director of Product Development
Paul earned a Masters Degree of Aeronautical Science in Human Factors from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and actually wrote his thesis on GPS Pilot Training Methods. Involved with aviation his entire life, he earned a Bachelors degree in avionics from Embry-Riddle and worked as an avionics technician/system designer for 15 years. Paul was recently a Research Project Manager for NASA’s Langley facility in Hampton, Virginia, where he completed research on Data-link Weather, Synthetic Vision and the AGATE/SATS programs. He also spent two years at Raytheon Aircraft as a Human Factors/Avionics Engineer designing the cockpit of the new Hawker Horizon. He is an aviation writer for Avionics News, FAA Aviation News, AvWeb and AOPA Pilot magazines. Paul is also an avionics systems test pilot, Master Flight Instructor and A&P technician. He has been teaching avionics as a flight instructor, lecturer and university professor since the mid 1980s.

Paul developed the complete line of computer-based avionics training programs for ElectronicFlight Solutions as the subject matter expert, writer and development team manager. He then developed many of the Jeppesen computer-based avionics training programs. Paul is currently a Program Manager for FlightSafety International in the Ft. Worth Bell Helicopter Learning Center, developing all the training material for the Bell Helicopter programs.