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Oshkosh, July 24 - Flight Intructors

Flight Instructors Increase Skill and Revenue With ElectronicFlight's CompleteInstructor™ Avionics Training

CompleteLearning™ Program Addresses GPS Navigation, Autopilot, Weather, Traffic and Terrain Awareness Technologies

Oshkosh, Wisconsin. July 24, 2002 - ElectronicFlight Solutions, Inc. Founder and CEO, Howard Reisman, today officially announced the release of the ElectronicFlight Solutions' CompleteInstructor™ CompleteLearning™ Avionics Software Library of interactive, self-paced, media-rich cockpit automation training programs. Specifically designed for use by flight instructors and flight schools, five separate modules address GPS Navigation, Autopilot, Weather, Traffic and Terrain Awareness technologies from leading avionics manufacturers in both a generic as well as product specific manner.
According to Bob Lee, ElectronicFlight's Director of Marketing, flight instructors in general and NAFI-member flight instructors in particular can increase their skill and revenue with the ElectronicFlight CompleteInstructor™ program by delivering to their students advanced avionics training that is essential for pilot safety and in making the transition from flying VORs and NDBs to full GPS-driven state-of-the-art avionics.

"The opening of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2002 represents exactly three years to the week of the JFK, Jr tragedy. It is well acknowledged that the JFK, Jr crash in 1999 may have been prevented had he received adequate training in the use of the Bendix/King KFC 150 autopilot in his Piper Saratoga." Lee stated.

Show Me the Training!

Traditionally, the flight instructor has been responsible for training the pilot in all aircraft systems. However, CFIs have had minimal exposure to these newer technologies as their instruction has been limited to conventional avionics. So, with rare exceptions, they are unable to offer the pilot any meaningful training in the proper use of the advanced weather, traffic, terrain, autopilot and GPS Navigation technologies.

Flight instructors can now offer their students the finest avionics/cockpit automation training program available today. As an ElectronicFlight Instructor (EFI) CompleteLearning™ Partner, flight instructors will be empowered to:

· Continue their education - Learn about the world of avionics/cockpit automation.
· Double and even triple their hourly rate by teaching the latest technologies.
· Increase their student base and revenue through the ElectronicFlight referral program.
· Increase their revenue with sales of CompleteLearning™ products.
· Be better prepared for commercial aviation and the world of cockpit automation.

The ElectronicFlight Solutions' national network of approved ElectronicFlight Instructors (EFIs) will be qualified to fly with the student and administer the CompleteLearning™ Checkride to ensure that the student has fully mastered the applicable subject matter. After successful completion, the student will receive an ElectronicFlight Certificate documenting the training achievement which may be forwarded to the insurance company for possible discounts.

CompleteLearning™ Represents a Paradigm Shift in Advanced Avionics Training

At the very core of each of the training modules is ElectronicFlight's powerful CompleteLearning™ methodology. Embracing conceptual learning instead of rote memorization CompleteLearning™ implants mental models of the particular system into the student's permanent memory. Requisite knowledge is then reinforced with targeted interactive KnowledgeCheck™ exercises and quizzes embedded throughout the self-paced training program. "After successfully navigating an entire CompleteLearning™ module, the operation and familiarity of the particular piece of avionics equipment should become second nature when it counts the most-under the pressure of a high-workload cockpit environment." explains Paul Novacek, ElectronicFlight Solutions' Vice President of Product Development.

An integral part of the ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ package is the ElectronicFlight ContinuousLearning™ KEFS Airpark, At KEFS Airpark, pilots and flight instructors receive product updates and service bulletins, interact with others operating similar technology, and continuously enhance their skill and knowledge by staying abreast of the latest developments in the field of high tech avionics and cockpit automation.

ElectronicFlight Solutions, Inc. is a new breed of training organization that offers the ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Library of Avionics/Cockpit Automation training products and services to general aviation and corporate pilots. Working in conjunction with AEA-member avionics shops, certified flight instructors, flight schools and aviation colleges on a national basis, ElectronicFlight provides quality education on Autopilot, GPS Navigation, Traffic, Terrain and Weather Awareness technologies from leading manufacturers including Honeywell-Bendix/King, Garmin, Goodrich, Collins, S-TEC, Sandel, Avidyne, UPSAT, Ryan and others.

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2002 attendees may take a test flight of each of the training modules at the ElectronicFlight Solutions booth #2056 in Hangar B. There will be a drawing each day of EAA AirVenture for a free CompleteLearning™ module (a $295 value!). For further information visit KEFS - the ElectronicFlight Solutions Airpark and home of the CompleteLearning™ Academy at or call (505) 265-4055.