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The following appeared in the February 2002 issue of AVIONICS NEWS

ElectronicFlightís Advanced Avionics CompleteLearning™ Program Targets Pilots and Avionics Technicians

by Howard Reisman & Paul Novacek
ElectronicFlight Solutions, Inc.

This is the second of a four-part series devoted to the often overlooked area of advanced avionics training. The series is designed to provide an insight into an innovative and effective training alternative for both pilots and avionics technicians.

AEA-member avionics shops will now have the opportunity to provide quality avionics training for those customers who are investing big bucks on high tech equipment from leading avionics manufacturers such as Honeywell, Garmin and Goodrich,but until now, have had few viable training options.

As an Authorized ElectronicFlight AEA - member shop reseller you can offer your customers, and your technicians, access to ElectronicFlight Solutionsí CompleteLearning™ Library of training programs. Five separate modules will address GPS Navigation, Autopilot, Weather, Traffic and Terrain Awareness technologies respectively in both a generic and product specific manner. This issue will review the Terrain and Traffic Modules leaving GPS, Autopilot and Weather for parts three and four of this series.

CompleteLearning™ Terrain Module

The Terrain Module of the CompleteLearning™ Library details the operation of a Class B Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS). The overall operation of TAWS is explained before progressing into the specifics of the Bendix/King KGP 560 EGPWS and KMH 880. The self-guided training then highlights the operation of the TAWS on the Avidyne FlightMax and Honeywell IHAS display systems. The student is presented with the history and development of Ground Prox systems and their transition into the GPS driven terrain database systems of today. Terrain depiction symbology, audio alert priorities, limitations of derived altitude, differences between Class A and B systems, database resolution, operation modes and alert inhibits are explained in detail.

ElectronicFlight deploys computer generated animation and highly interactive exercises to implant mental models (pictures) of the TAWS capabilities into the working knowledge of a pilot, thus providing the tools to formulate an integrated terrain avoidance strategy. The knowledge of the TAWS methodology, plus the provided practice of computer emulators, allow the capabilities of a TAWS system to integrate into the decision making process. After successfully navigating the entire Terrain Module, the operation, and familiarity, of a TAWS should become second nature when it counts the most - under high-workload situations.

CompleteLearning™ Traffic Module

The Traffic Module of the ElectronicFlight library details the operation of a Traffic Advisory System (TCAS I / TAS). The overall operation and intruder priority levels are explained before progressing into the specifics of the Bendix/King KTA 870, KMH880 , Goodrich SkyWatch and SkyWatchHP systems. The self-guided computer-based training then highlights the operation of the TCAS I / TAS systems on the Avidyne FlightMax, Honeywell IHAS and Garmin display systems. The history and development of TCAS systems and their transition into the general aviation systems of today are explained. The ElectronicFlight program details intruder symbology, audio alert priorities, limitations of antenna shading, differences between the various TCAS systems, operation modes, alert inhibits, intruder tracking methodology and sensitivity levels.

ElectronicFlight Solutionsí Methodology

ElectronicFlight's CompleteLearning™ methodology is powered by four distinct components:

The Complete Learning™ Methodology embraces conceptual learning instead of rote memorization by implanting mental models of the particular system into the studentís permanent memory. Requisite knowledge is then reinforced with targeted interactive practice exercises and quizzes embedded throughout the self-paced training program.

Whereas too many training programs begin and end with a take home CD-ROM, the ElectronicFlight offering also includes admission to the CompleteLearning™ Academy. Regional instructor-led classes will reinforce the computer self-study course for the student by interacting with competent and experienced instructors who have been flying the technology for years!

ElectronicFlight Solutions, Inc. is currently developing a national network of Authorized ElectronicFlight Instructors (EFIís) who will be qualified to fly with the student. The CompleteLearning Checkride is designed to ensure that the student has the full mastery of the applicable avionics.

As an integral part of the ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ package is the ElectronicFlight ContinuousLearning™ website where the pilot or technician may stay current with product updates and service bulletins, interact with other pilots flying similar gear, and continuously enhance their skill and knowledge by staying abreast of the latest developments in the field.