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The following appeared in the April 2002 issue of AVIONICS NEWS

ElectronicFlight Solutions Releases CompleteLearning™ Avionics Training Library at AEA Convention in Palm Springs

“I believe in your mission and believe that you will have a great positive impact on aviation safety.”
Jim Cook, President, Palm Beach Avionics
Former AEA Chairman

This is the final segment of a four-part series devoted to the often overlooked area of advanced avionics training. The first three articles—published in the January, February and March issues of Avionics News—ElectronicFlight Solutions introduced an innovative and effective high-tech training alternative for both pilots and avionics technicians. This last article explains the “Sign Me Up” program and highlights the CompleteLearning™ Garmin GPS Navigation module.

Jim Cook, former AEA chairman and President of Palm Beach Avionics, was the first of many AEA shops to sign up for the ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Library of self-paced, interactive, computer-based avionics training programs. Referring to the presentation given by Howard Reisman, ElectronicFlight’s founder and CEO, at the AEA Fort Lauderdale regional in January, Jim expressed his sentiments regarding the importance of quality avionics training for pilots.

Jim elaborated on the presentation, “The story you told of young John F. Kennedy Jr. was very touching and motivating to me. It’s a fact that our airplanes naturally want to fly by design, and the failure usually occurs in the mind of the pilot in command. Just a little bit of insight to the systems in his aircraft could have saved his life and the two young women with him.”

In fact, ElectronicFlight Solutions Inc. actually found its genesis back in 1999 with the JFK Jr. tragedy. Howard Reisman knew JFK Jr. from their flying days around Hyannis, Mass., both initially flying Cessna 182's and for a time even had the same flight instructor at Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach. Reisman, who upgraded to a new Piper Saratoga in 2000, equipped his airplane with a full suite of advanced avionics including the Garmin 530/430, Bendix/King EGPWS and IHAS display, Goodrich SkyWatch™ and Stormscope™ and the S-TEC 55 autopilot; only to discover that comprehensive avionics training was simply not available from the avionics shops, flight instructors or equipment manufacturers.

In fact, generally, aircraft owners today are investing tens of thousands of dollars on high-tech equipment but leave the shop with minimal training and a set of manuals they are expected to decipher on their own. The result, more often than not, is that the pilot never becomes competent in the full and proper use of the equipment.

The good news is that AEA-member shops can now offer their customers, as well as in-house technicians, access to ElectronicFlight Solutions’ CompleteLearning™ Library of avionics training programs. Five separate modules address GPS Navigation, Autopilot, Weather, Traffic and Terrain Awareness technologies in both a generic and product specific manner. As an ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Partner, AEA-member shops can save countless hours of non-revenue producing time answering customer questions on equipment operation, by including in their bid the quality of avionics training the customer deserves after the installation is completed.

“Sign Me Up” Program Features Drawing For Sony Vaio® Laptop

ElectronicFlight’s CompleteLearning™ Library will be released at the upcoming AEA Convention and Trade Show in Palm Springs, California, but AEA-members can today take advantage of the EarlyBird “Sign Me Up” program, which includes:

The full five-volume ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Software Library
(Weather, Terrain, Autopilot, Traffic and GPS)

Deploying a conceptual approach to training, the ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Garmin GPS Navigation module represents a breakthrough in effective GPS education. In the past, much of the GPS training concentrated on memorizing lengthy procedures, a rote approach. In studies looking into the effect of rote training on long term recall and problem solving, the rote method falls short in preparing the pilot to solve problems or work new processes into the ever-changing environment of aviation. Conceptual training, on the other hand, provides the tools that allow the creation of new procedures on the fly, to solve the problem at hand.

To achieve the goal of conceptual training, the CompleteLearning™ Garmin GPS Navigation module teaches common tasks using a building block approach. By teaching common tasks, the individual tasks can be combined to form any procedure. Therefore, the pilot only needs to learn a few common tasks and also the reasoning behind the use of those tasks. If the pilot knows the reasoning behind the individual tasks, combining those tasks together is easy. No more endless and complicated procedures to learn, and forget, just a few small procedures that are retained in memory much longer.

Look for us in booth B at the AEA convention in Palm Springs.