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September 10, 2002 Press Release

ElectronicFlight Solutions CompleteLearning™
Avionics Software Library Unleashes Power of Garmin GNS 530/430

Palm Hyannis, Mass - ElectronicFlight Solutions, Inc. Founder and CEO, Howard Reisman, today announced one of the most innovative PC-based, interactive, media-rich training products to support the Garmin GNS 530 and GNS 430 integrated GPS/NAV/COM offerings. “This Garmin GPS Navigation module enhances our CompleteLearning™ Software Library with Weather, Traffic, and Terrain Awareness modules already being shipped to avionics shops, corporate flight departments, flight schools and aviations colleges on a global basis,” stated Reisman.

The ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Garmin 530/430 Module unleashes the power of these incredible units and is as effective as a semester-long course in GPS knowledge. Deploying a conceptual approach to training, the ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Garmin GPS Navigation Module represents a breakthrough in GPS education,” explains Paul Novacek, ElectronicFlight VP of Product Development. “ In the past, much of the GPS training concentrated on memorizing lengthy procedures, a rote approach. In studies looking into the effect of rote training on long term recall and problem solving, the rote method falls short in preparing the pilot to solve problems or work new processes into the ever-changing environment of aviation. With a focus on conceptual training, ElectronicFlight’s CompleteLearning™ Methodology, on the other hand, provides the tools that allow the creation of new procedures on the fly, to solve the problem at hand,” Novacek stated.

“Approximately thirty thousand GNS 530/430 GPS units have already been delivered,” according to Dave Brown, Regional Sales Manger for Garmin International Inc. of Olathe, Kansas. “Based on research we have conducted the average Garmin GNS 530/430 pilot knows how to utilize about 25 % of the capability of this powerful IFR panel mounted unit! With the average Garmin 530 installation commanding a hefty $15,000 price tag that makes for a poor financial return” explains Howard Reisman. The highly capable nature of this new equipment also creates an overload of information that many pilots are having difficulty absorbing. While the 200-plus page Garmin Pilot’s Guide should be utilized in the cockpit as a reference, it leaves much room for improvement when training pilots on the efficient use of the GNS 530/430.

The ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Methodology teaches common tasks using a building block approach. These tasks are then combined to develop appropriate procedures. Therefore, the pilot only needs to learn a few common tasks and also the reasoning behind the use of those tasks. If the pilot knows the reasoning behind the individual tasks, combining those tasks together is easy. No more endless and complicated procedures to learn and forget, just a few small procedures that are retained in memory much longer.

ElectronicFlight Solutions, Inc. is a new breed of training organization that offers the ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Library of Avionics/Cockpit Automation training products and services to general aviation and corporate pilots. Working in conjunction with AEA-member avionics shops, certified flight instructors, flight schools and aviation colleges on a national basis, ElectronicFlight provides quality education on Autopilot, GPS Navigation, Traffic, Terrain and Weather Awareness technologies from leading manufacturers including Honeywell-Bendix/King, Garmin, Goodrich, Collins, S-TEC, Sandel, Avidyne, UPSAT, Ryan and others. CompleteLearning™ Academy, or call (505) 265-4055.

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