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September 12, 2002 Press Release

Daniel Webster College Selects ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Avionics Training Software Library For Instructional Staff and Students

ElectronicFlight Solutions CEO Howard Reisman (left) and Daniel Webster College President Hannah McCarthy (right)

“Daniel Webster College is looking forward to making the CompleteLearning™ Software available to our instructors and students and integrating the modules of the Library into the ongoing education of pilots.“
Hannah McCarthy
Daniel Webster College President

Nashua, New Hampshire - The general aviation cockpit has undergone dramatic changes over the past several years. With the deployment of the global positioning satellite-based navigation system (GPS), full color moving map and multi function displays (MFD's), today's GA pilot is afforded access to technologies that can improve situational awareness by orders of magnitude compared to navigating with conventional NDBs and VORs.

ElectronicFlight Solutions of Hyannis, MA has developed a new computer-based avionics training program to assist in maximizing pilot proficiency and safety. According to Hannah McCarthy, president of Daniel Webster College which is home to the Northeast’s largest collegiate aviation program “access to effective training tools on the newer advanced avionics has, until now, been limited but with ElectronicFlight’s CompleteLearning™ Software Library this gap can be filled. Daniel Webster College is looking forward to making CompleteLearning™ Software available to our instructors and students and integrating the modules of the Library into the ongoing education of pilots.”

ElectronicFlight Solutions, Inc. Founder and CEO, Howard Reisman explains “Daniel Webster College’s aviation division will be the first collegiate flight program to implement our server-based CompleteLearning™ Avionics Software Library of interactive, self-paced, media-rich cockpit automation training programs”. Five separate modules address GPS Navigation, Autopilot, Weather, Traffic and Terrain Awareness technologies in both a generic as well as product specific manner. “This level of education has not yet been available from manufacturers, avionics shops or certified flight instructors, but is essential for pilot safety and in making the transition from flying VORs and NDBs to the GPS-driven state-of-the-art integrated cockpit” stated Reisman.

An integral part of the ElectronicFlight package for Daniel Webster students and staff will be ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Airpark (KEFS), At KEFS Airpark, students can stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of high tech avionics and cockpit automation while interacting with other students and pilots .

ElectronicFlight Solutions, Inc. is a new breed of training organization that offers the ElectronicFlight CompleteLearning™ Library of Avionics/Cockpit Automation training products and services to general aviation and corporate pilots. Working in conjunction with AEA-member avionics shops, certified flight instructors, flight schools and aviation colleges on a national basis, ElectronicFlight provides quality education on Autopilot, GPS Navigation, Traffic, Terrain and Weather Awareness technologies from leading manufacturers including Honeywell-Bendix/King, Garmin, Goodrich, Collins, S-TEC, Sandel, Avidyne, UPSAT, Ryan and others.

For further information visit KEFS visit the ElectronicFlight Solutions’ Airpark and home of the CompleteLearning™ Academy, at or call (505) 265-4055 or see us at the NBAA and UAA September 10-14 , Orlando, Florida.