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Bendix/King EGPWS

Bendix/King EGPWS The Terrain Module of the CompleteLearning™Library details the operation of a Class-B Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS). The overall operation of TAWS is explained before progressing into the specifics of the Bendix/King KGP 560 EGPWS and KMH 880. The self-guided training then highlights the operation of the TAWS on the Avidyne FlightMax and Honeywell IHAS display systems.

The student is presented with the history and development of Ground Prox systems and their transition into the GPS driven terrain database systems of today. Terrain depiction symbology, audio alert priorities, limitations of derived altitude, differences between Class-A and B systems, database resolution, operation modes and alert inhibits are explained in detail.

"To achieve the most from a cockpit flight safety system such as EGPWS (TAWS), the pilot needs to be trained on its operational use, its capability, and limitations. Both EGPWS and pilot training will help reduce the risk of a controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) accident. I am very impressed by the ElectronicFlight Solutions CompleteLearning™ Bendix/King Class B KGP 560/KMH 880 CD-ROM. This professional training tool should greatly help achieve a basic understanding for the pilot of what EGPWS is and how it operates with a terrain display."

Don Bateman, Inventor of GPWS
Honeywell Chief Engineer, Flight Safety Systems