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Traffic Module Topics

Traffic Module Features

The following topics are included:

  • Discriminate between the different types of TCAS
  • Cite the mandates of TCAS rulings
  • Describe the method of intruder tracking methodology
  • Recount the limitations of current traffic awareness technology
  • Discriminate between the different transponder systems and capabilities
  • List the four types of intruder symbology and their priority levels
  • Recall a mental image of TCAS symbology
  • Describe the two sensitivity levels and their priority
  • Recall the altitude switching, and lockouts, of the sensitivity levels
  • Describe the tracking of a constant bearing intruder
  • Verbalize a typical TCAS encounter to ATC
  • Incorporate TCAS limitations into decision strategies
  • Describe the inputs and outputs to a typical TAS system
  • Recount the antenna signal patterns
  • Recollect the different modes of each TAS system
  • Demonstrate the action of changing ranges on a TCAS display
  • Explain the different modes of a Multi-function Display
  • Determine the severity of an intruder alert, and required action, and much more.