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In-Flight Weather Displays

In-Flight Weather DisplaysInadvertent weather encounters still account for a great number of aviation accidents. Much of the cause of those accidents is the lack of timely local weather information in the cockpit. Radar, lightning detectors and now Data-link NEXRAD systems can provide the necessary weather information in real-time (or slightly delayed with Data-link). Unfortunately, the complete weather picture is often missing or difficult to obtain from a single source. Additionally, the interpretation of in-flight weather information relies on experience or many hours of training. To assist and encourage the use of these systems, ElectronicFlight Solutions offers the CompleteLearning™ Weather Module that trains pilots to use and interpret the weather information from lightning detection systems.

"I have used a Goodrich Stormscope® for many years but the CompleteLearning™ Weather Awareness-Lightning Detection module makes it easy to understand how the Stormscope® works and is to be interpreted. ElectronicFlight Solutions' CompleteLearning™ Library is destined to change the way training is done and will make flying safer for everyone!"

Jim Sok, Bonanza A 33 Owner
American Bonanza Society / Board of Directors