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Lightning Detection Module Features

Lightning Detection Module FeaturesThe Weather Module highlights the two lightning detection systems, the Goodrich (L-3) Stormscope® and Insight StrikeFinder®. The overall general theory of thunderstorms and lightning detection is explained before progressing into the specifics of strike interpretation.

The training implants the knowledge of lightning strike symbology, thunderstorm depiction, weather environment interpretation, limitations, operation modes and the formulation of weather avoidance strategies. ElectronicFlight Solutions deploys computer-generated animation and highly interactive exercises to implant mental models (pictures) of the StrikeFinder® and Stormscope® capabilities into the working knowledge of a pilot, thus providing the tools to formulate an integrated weather avoidance strategy. The knowledge of lightning detection methodology, plus the provided practice of computer emulators, allow the capabilities of the system to be integrated into the decision making process.